The reverse job board for Elixir and Erlang developers. Letting your next job come to you.

Hi. My name is Mads.

I am the solo-founder of BEAM Devs. I’ve always wanted to build products for developers, and that benefits developers. This is my finest shot.

BEAM Devs is a platform that makes it easier for Elixir and Erlang developers find their next job, as well as making it easier and cheaper for businesses to hire them. Everybody wins!

I sincerely hope that you will gain value from this, either from being hired, or from hiring yourself. If something (or someone) doesn't live up to your expectations, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on mads@beamdevs.com

A great deal of inspiration for this site has been made from railsdevs.com, by Joe Masilotti. Big shout out to Joe, and if you are either also working with Ruby on Rails or hiring Rails developers. Give railsdevs.com a visit!

All the best!
- Mads

Mads Obel (that’s me), founder of BEAM Devs, with my girlfriend and daughter in the background visiting Tivoli in Copenhagen